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Elysian Field


Elysian Field

The word elysian comes from the idyllic Greek mythological place called Elysian Fields which means a heavenly resting place to go in the afterlife. The description of this idyllic place changed over time but were always meant pleasant or magnificence. In Suvarna Jakarta Golf Club, Elysian Field means heavenly wide area of fairways in which according to Bob, as our golf designer, includes three golf holes returning towards the Clubhouse that consists of hole 9 Blue Course, Hole 9 Red Course and Hole 8 Green Course.

The most interesting thing about our Elysian Field is the strategic lines of plays on these three holes, there are literally many different lines of plays that golfers can choose to play. All of this aspect depends on weather condition, playing by not knowing the bunkers location, will be very challenging. This bunkering style are brought from Scotland, such as riveted bunker, multiple bunkers on holes and so on. On the other hands, if golfers play as crossed bunkers and knowing were those bunkers located will define the line of play, and it is absolutely spectacular, only in Suvarna Jakarta Golf Club.

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